What are the future expectations?

A few decades ago the only treatment for children with SCID was isolating. Since then successful treatments with bone marrow transplantation are possible. However, this depends on finding a suitable donor. The hope is based on the new treatment method whereby the child’s own genetic material is changed from sick to healthy. This change is then changed in the child’s own tissue with the aid of a virus that enters the cell and changes the genetic material of the cells. In a virus you usually think of making sick, because most of the viruses we know, such as a flu virus, make us so sick. In a healthy body, the immune system will fight against these viruses and clear it up and you will get better. A virus is not an organism and needs to survive and to multiply a host. If you are infected with a virus, it will multiply in your cells.

The latest therapy uses this phenomenon of viruses to make someone better. By adjusting viruses so that they become the shopping cart for healthy genetic material. By a weakened virus to give a healthy copy of the broken genetic material to the stem cells of the patients. When these cells are then returned to the patients, this results in a healthy immune.