What are the treatment methods?

For ten years now, we have been researching a healing within this field, which has led to the development of a genetic therapy that intervenes via viruses in the composition of the genetic material of the children. At that level the gene expression is adjusted by the body. This means that the mistake in the gene can be restored so that the child is no longer ill. At this moment we are so far that this therapy can be offered. Until now, children were born without a properly functioning immune system treating with a translation of stem cells from a suitable donor. This new treatment is an alternative especially for babies for whom there is no suitable donor. The treatment works as follows, we use a weak virus that brings a healthy copy of the broken gene into the DNA in the own stem cells of the diseases children. The advantage of this treatment of transplantation is that we use someone’s own stem cell, so we do not get problems that can come from a not matching donor. Another advantage to using a virus is that it can reach overall.